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Specialists in Global Business Sustainability

With over 2 decades of expert leadership in business sustainability I have extensive understanding of supply chain, procurement, marketing, and sales processes in the United States, as well as globally in Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Unique Perspectives and Strategic Process

I bring a unique perspective on economic and sustainability initiatives to improve your bottom line. I have experience with both retail and manufacturing organizations which provided strategic leadership to major retailers in the Building Materials, Consumer Products and related industries, helping establish sustainability initiatives in global business best practices for all stakeholders through:

Strategic Process:

  • Discover long term value as a Brand
  • Cultivate and transform business, both internal and external
  • Develop, implement, execute, communicate strategic value proposition
  • Champion Sustainability throughout entire organization
  • Clarity toward exceeding customer needs and expectations
  • Collaborative effort involving vendors, NGO's, global leaders'
  • Promotion Branding of Sustainable product, service, and process
  • Deliver and market message through, economic, and social values 


I specialize in establishing business sustainability with innovative global business best practices. Relationships worldwide with NGO's in Global Sustainability (WWF, WRI, NRDC, Government organizations such as USDA). Expert in global certification practices such as SFI, FSC, PEFC.

Implementation and Execution

Implement and execute strategies that follow proven best practices. I specialize in:

• Financial P&L
• Strategic Planning
• Succession Planning
• People Development
• Business Sustainability
• General Management
• Leadership in Organizational Development
• Implementation and Execution of Business
  Value Propositions
• Sales and Brand Marketing
• Management of Sizable Budgets
• Leadership/Knowledge in Industry
  Organizations and Government Agencies


  • Business and environmental sustainable purchasing polices
  • Supply chain assessment include supplier outreach and buyer education
  • Business and environment strategic planning and management
  • International forest/agricultural products supply chain management
  • Wood to Energy supply chain sustainability process
  • COC -Chain of Custody-
  • Rational strategic thinking and implementation/execution process