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BUSINESS EXECUTION: Merchandising, Operations, Manufacturing Sales and Strategic Planning, Customer Sales, Marketing Management

I focus on the customer and develop solutions to retain and expand market share, customer satisfaction and deliver a strategic road map on how to measure, implement, and excute best practices. Drive sales and operations to new and exciting levels. I offer extensive expertise in merchandising, sales, distribution, and marketing management tools to engage and understand the customer, thier needs, and the value you bring.


Areas of Expertise

 I have extensive experience (over 2 decades) in a variety of merchandising, sales, and marketing management  LEADERSHIP roles. My expertise and focus are on exceeding customer expectations by:


• Branding
• Inventory Maximization
• Distribution
• Purchasing
• Business Development

• Operational Excellence
• P&L Responsibility
• Sales & Marketing Leadership
• Vendor & Customer Relationships
• Retail Merchandising Management

• Strong Business Acumen
• Sustainability/ Business Negotiations
• Consumer Goods & Manufacturing
• Merchandising Execution Best Practices
• Global Supply Chain & Logistics Management

 Merchant Development/Teaching, Training-steps for merchandising/marketing excellence