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Global Export/Import Business

 Globalization has lead to unprecedented export growth and demand of US Consumer Products and global purchasing power. I provide real world expertise and experience to help manufactures, retailers, government agencies, NGO's, and trade exporters large and small to create greater demand thus improving local communities with greater financial and employment stability.

IBIS offers the following:

  • Target foreign market consumer-trends
  • Effective distribution channel financials
  • Product competitive analysis
  • Promotional and development activities by product benefit/value
  • Market research-implementation, execution and the refinement of the United Export Strategies by country and region
  • Trade mission/reverse trade mission, world conference forums
  • Trade show execution/ monitor and evaluation process/trade lead development and follow up
  • Trade show  business negotiation best practices reduce costs and create greater value
  • In market promotions, product branding, retail promotional strategies'
  • Development of strategic plans to build and defend markets 
  • Strategic planning with focused efforts on limiting wasted efforts
  • Identify and implement educational technical information either through literature or in market seminars, forums to specifiers, designers, architects, and end market end users.
  • NGO's proactive engagement