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My Approach

How can I help your business? Either as a manufacturer, retailer, service organization, government agency, or PE Firm;

  • Grow sales and market share-improve profitability;
  • Retain and expand strategic customers;
  • Evaluation of team leadership/operations/merchandising;
  • Eliminate waist;
  • Be more productive;
  • Market your brand;
  • Create, implement, and execute a strategic business plan to improve the "top line" as well as the "bottom line";
  • Through evaluation determine what is working and what is not and communicate a clear action plan, financial matrix for success, and propose measurable deliverables with roles and responsibilities.

My Service


IBIS offers a range of interrelated services that build on a client's core values to create excellence in global business business best practices for all customer segments. I provide sales, marketing, and strategic planning recommendations to businesses in the manufacturing, retail, wholesale-distribution, and service organizations sectors by;

  • Business Sustainability Negotiations; Risk Assessment Management Tools
    • Merchandising/Marketing/Sales Execution Best Practices;
  • • Global Supply Chain--Logistics and Distribution Management;
    • Intelligence gathering/Customer/Market Research;
    • Analysis, insights and knowledge on what works-what does not;
    • Strategic planning and solutions development; including risk and project management
    • Sustainability planning;
    • NGOs and Industries;

The above is directed to;

Overall Customer evaluation/satisfaction matrix process to implement and execute to exceed customer expectations, grow sales, and market shrare.

When clients seek solutions to business challenges, successful resolution requires more than positioning, whether for the long term or to respond to the crisis of the day. 

  • Our service includes identifying the issues and vulnerabilities that have prompted the business opportunity and or challenge. I will develop a road map to address the need for change to implement and execute a real world strategic plan. With potential partnerships and third party involvement, through targeted research, implement programs and processes necessary to develop behaviors that build a reliable platform for communications to strengthen trust and execute strategic strategies for greater market share.  The products helpful to clients include:

    • An understanding of business/environmental vulnerabilities and challenges;
    • A benchmark of current business efforts against best practices;
    • Business strategic planning for increase in market share and sales
    • Systems for business training and support;
    • Brand, value, and competitive advantage from business efforts;
    • An understanding of the stakeholder spectrum;
    • Identification and relationship building with business partners;
    • Strategy implementation guidance;
    • Credibility with diverse institutions and an ability to relate to industry;


IBIS helps clients with strategic business planning and creating business advantage from business strategies.  This often involves understanding and responding effectively to pressure for change that would adversely affect them in the marketplace.  IBIS helps companies with customer/sales/marketing issues to create solutions to be responsible and also create greater market share. 

IBIS develops for clients both comprehensive strategic plans and/or issue specific solutions by analyzing the motivations, strategies and tactics of the forces behind each challenge and designing programs and proactive positive steps to resolve issues in an ethical, legal, cost effective and responsible manner.