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IBIS MANAGEMENT, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia, is a global business Management firm specializing in the strategic implementation and execution of sales, supply chain, marketing, merchandising, distribution, operations, project management, global strategic sourcing management, and sustainability best practices for all customer segments. With more than 2 successful decades of C-level xecutive management credibility and experience, Steve, a leader, is uniquely qualified to provide clients in manufacturing, retail, wholesale distribution, NGOs, service, and government agencies with real world progressive business solutions to bring value and a competitive advantage in the following:



  • Consumer Products (related business)-Sales/Marketing/Manufacturing
  • Business 2 Business Development and Execution
  • Strategic Financial Execution
  • Supply Chain Life Cycle Projects
  • Small Business Customer Development, Sales/Marketing
  • Building Materials-Distribution Sales/Operations Management/Manufacturing
  • Energy Sector-Commercial, Industrial, Consumer
  • Retail Merchandising, Supply Chain, Operations
  • Home Building/Construction Industry
  • Big Box Retailing/Merchandising-Store Operations
  • US Export Sales and International Marketing
  • Environmental & Business Sustainability
  • Sporting Goods and Related Consumables
  • Trade Show Optimization
  • Global Strategic Sourcing Management
  • Technology Innovation Execution
  • Business Turn Around
  • NGO Fundraising


Steve Conwell is a proven leader with executive management experience in the highly competitive global business marketplace. He is articulate, creative, passionate, customer driven, and is recognized for his analytical and exceptional leadership values toward the execution of the following:



  • Manufacturing/Retail - Sales/Marketing/Merchandising Best Practices/ecommerce
  • Business Restructure/Operational Excellence
  • Strategic Marketing Development/Execution
  • Customer Strategic Business Approach/Service
  • Retail Store Planning
  • Retail Product Management/Merchandising
  • Retail Operations Management
  • Retail Financials-Value pricing, inventory min/max
  • Retail assortment strategies by product mix
  • Distribution Sales/Operations Management
  • Customer Strategic Business Development
  • Environmental/Sustainable Global Supply Chain

Strategic Planning

  • Product Branding/Market Placement
  • Advertising/Promotions 
  • Operational Excellence
  • Logistics Management
  • Procurement/Worldwide Sourcing Best Practices
  • Building High Performance Teams/Sucession Planning/Senior Management Assesment
  • P&L Financial Management
  • Risk/Project Assessment/Execution Management